Why you should view my blog

Well ill be posting about music, videos, Actors. And some stuff about my crazy family. So you can learn about whats going on in the media world and just some crazy things going on right now. 🙂 And also ill have pictures and videos. So it wont be drab and boring. Think about it if you were looking at a screen and you had no pictures, wouldn’t that be awfully boring?

Here’s the link to The Edublogers!

🙂 VIEW 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why you should view my blog

  1. Three Interesting things about me, one thing is that I play the Violin in Orchestra and the Alto Saxophone in band! Another interesting thing is that I have one sister and four brothers. Their names are Vada, Devin, Austin, Mason and Damion. Vada’s 9, Devin’s 10, Austin’s 8, Damion’s 6 and Mason’s 4. Devin, Austin, and I are blood related, same Mom and Dad. Vada has a different dad and mom, but her dad is my step dad. Mason just has a different dad. Damion has a different mom. The third thing is that I have an autistic brother Austin. He doesn’t really act autistic tho. So those are my three things 🙂

  2. Wow, Calie! What an interesting combination of family. I have one brother and one mum and dad and a niece and nephew (who are all grown up now).

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